Hi everyone!

My players kind of have an idea of what to expect in the weight room, but that’s going to change… I really think that every single person who enters the weight room has the chance to meet his/her own goals, but sometimes we all need guidance. Ideally, I would work with each one of you individually to tailor a program to best meet your needs and interests. Unfortunately, unless you can meet the paycheck that the District sends me every month, I can’t devote that much time and attention to individual programs. What I can (and will) do is give everyone the best opportunity to work towards functional fitness. There are 10 aspects to this: Endurance (cardiovascular), Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy. Without going deeply into each one, functional fitness makes you a jack-of-all-trades. It’s going to keep you healthy doing everyday things like lifting heavy stuff… and give you some supernatural abilities like being able to do pull ups. For my volleyball players, this means you’ll jump higher, hit harder, dig deeper and outlast your competition. For the Biggest Loser competitors, it means you lose fat, tone some muscle and get better at life. Everyone wins!

This all leads up to one thing – I have to get you to functional fitness. And the first step is learning the right moves. So for the next 12 weight room sessions (obviously the dates will vary for the groups… Vball doesn’t start back til next week), we will be doing sort of a Ramp up course.

What to expect from the typical session:
– Warm up
– Skill Review
– Skills Teaching/Practice
– Workout of the Day (WOD)
– Stretching/Cooldown

How should you dress:

– Clothes that are comfortable and looser-fitting. A good example would be T-shirt and athletic shorts or pants.
– Tennis Shoes/Running Shoes

What you should bring:

– Water bottle
– Personal towel (if you want)
– Ready to work attitude


Volleyball Workout for Wednesday –
Go run! (no, I’m not kidding). Run! –  1.5 miles


Biggest Loser Workout for Wednesday –
See you folks in the weight room at 4pm for our first Ramp Up Session.

-Coach Koepp.


Hope you enjoyed Monday as your rest day. Here’s the plan for Tuesday:

Do the following as many rounds as possible (AMRAP)  in 10 minutes

10 pushups
10 crunches
10 squat jumps

Post how many rounds you made it to in the comments


No conditioning or coach-on-2 this week due to conferences.

Are you stretching?

Are you drinking water?


Why do all this?

Because you could

be hitting like this

Or setting like this

Or digging like this

But only if you put in the hard work in your conditioning. Keep up the good work!

-Coach Koepp.

I’ve set up a Spartan Biggest Loser team on Sparkpeople if you’d like to join. http://teams.sparkpeople.com/sphsbiggestlosers

My username is PrimalShepherd on there if you want to friend me.


Setting Realistic Goals

When you’re going somewhere, it’s important to have directions – right? If you’re going to a place you haven’t been to in a long time, you want a map. Same thing with goals. As educators (or students!) we’ve heard P-D-C-A (Plan Do Check Act) and setting goals that are “acheivable, measurable, and specific” so many times that we roll our eyes when we hear them AGAIN. Well, roll away folks!

If you want to end up somewhere profoundly different in 11 weeks, you have to put a map together for yourself. We all know the general direction we want to head in, and maybe we even have a vague idea of how we want to get there. I know we want to lose weight. I know we all need motivation (and hey, a cash prize in these economic times is a GREAT motivation). I know we all need a plan of attack – but how do we get there. Most of us (heck, probably ALL of us) have tried losing weight before. We either succeeded or we failed. All of us are here because we didn’t succeed like we wanted to. So how can we approach this so we will achieve our goals this time?

Step 1 – Set the big goals.

These are the goals like “I want to be X pounds”, “I want to be a size X”, and even “I want to be healthy and see my grandkids have kids”. These are good to have. You have to know where you’re going… this is your eventual destination.

Step 2 – Set some in-between goals.

A lot of the time, it’s taking the difference between your current weight and your goal and dividing it into pieces. If I know I need to lose 50 pounds, every 5 pounds is a milestone. If I know I want to be size 8, the sizes in between are milestones.

Step 3 – Look at the closest in-between goal and figure out how you’re going to get there.

This step is where the rubber meets the road. Let’s say your first goal is to lose 5 pounds. How are you going to get there. This is where the “achievable, realistic, and measurable” part comes in. Leaving your goal at “Lose 5 pounds” doesn’t give you the details you need. “Walk 4 times a week for 30 minutes and Eat on plan in order to lose the first 5 pounds” gives you a much clearer picture.

Step 4 – Build in rewards for yourself as you reach in-between goals.

Planning rewards for yourself as you reach your in-between goals can give you some motivation to keep at it. Sure, we’re all going to buy a new wardrobe when we get to our goal. But doesn’t a 30 minute massage after losing 10 pounds make you want to get there faster?

If you take your goals down and make them doable, you’ll be doing great! You also want to state them in the positive – “I will walk 4 times a week” versus “I will try to walk 4 times a week”. Don’t give yourself wiggle room when you’re stating your goals. “Do or do not, there is no try” to use a quote from a wrinkly green puppet.

One thing you may want to be careful of is saying “I will lose X pounds by Memorial Day”. This is setting you up for disappointment. Focus the getting there goals on things that are in your direct control.

As an example, here are my goals:

Step 1) I want to weigh around 180 pounds with about 20% bodyfat

Step 2) I started at 256lbs, so I divided my 76lbs to lose into 8ths. My in-between goals are: 246.5, 237,227.5,218, 208.5,199,189.5, and 180.

Step 3) Right now I’m right around 250. So my next goal mark is 246.5. I’m going to get there by making sure I adhere to my eating plan (I’m doing a 30 day challenge to stay accountable) and sticking to my workout regimen of 3 days on, 1 day off of Crossfit.

Step 4) I’m going to reward myself with a new book from Amazon.com when I reach 246.5.

Hope this helps y’all solidify your goal-setting process. (And hey, Volleyballers, It works for people who aren’t trying to lose weight, too)

Hopefully most of you have made it here by now. As you’ve hopefully heard by now, we’re not having conditioning next week due to conferences. Please make the best out of this situation and follow the home conditioning workouts I’m posting here, since hopefully none of you will need conferences with your teachers (You’re all making AMAZING grades, right?).

You have another assignment this week – Log your food. What are you eating? I will ask you when I see you in the halls. I will ask you when we get back to Conditioning. Be prepared, okay?

-Coach Koepp.

Hi everyone!

I’m working on putting up resources for y’all on this site too, probably will be Friday when I have “all that time” on my hands. Comment to say “Hello” or let me know what kinds of resources/support you need. I will do my best to oblige! Right now, I’m assuming you’re looking at this blog and seeing very little that makes sense. We’ll fix that – I will put all of the posts that are for you ladies under the tag “Biggest Loser” so you can easily get to them. – On the right hand side of the page, see the pull-down menu that says “Categories” – select “Biggest Loser” and that’s where all these posts will be.

If you want to come work out with me, here’s the planned schedule:

Monday: Off (Volleyball does jump training)
Tuesday: Walking/Running on indoor track
Wednesday: Weight room
Thursday: Walking/Running on indoor track
Friday: Weight room

I also live near the Comet Trail, so if anyone wants to get together for weekend walks/runs on the trail, we can organize that too.

-Coach Koepp.

Coach on Two today

Coach Allen will be running this.


Furlough Friday (3/12) and Conference Week (3/15-3/19):
We will not have live conditioning on Friday (due to furlough day) or any day next week (due to conferences and early release). Please keep up with home conditioning on this site and post what you do daily if you can. I want you guys to really work on nutrition this week. I will have more in-depth nutrition information posted tomorrow.



Why does flexibility and mobility matter for you? Because if you want to hit powerfully, you need to be flexible as well as strong in your shoulder. UCLA NCAA champion volleyball player discussing flexibility and hitting



Stretch really well tonight


Thought for Success:

“Whether you think you can or you think you can’t, you’re right.” – Mark Twain

Live Conditioning
Weight Room
After school 3:30-4:45

Checking technique and maxing out today!

Warm up

SpartanFit Total:
Deadlifts (Warm up 1×5 45lb bar)
Back Squat (warm up 1×5 curl bar)
Pushups (As many reps as possible(AMRAP in 2 minutes)
Shoulder press (warm up 1×5 curl bar)

Snakes and Armadillos 20 unweighted

Why? – We’re doing the Total today to assess your overall strength. Our goal is to perform this check again close to the end of the year so you can see how much strength you’ve gained.

Note: YOU CANNOT MAX OUT UNTIL WE APPROVE YOUR FORM! All maxes must be spotted/observed by either Coach Koepp or Escamilla.

Weight Training session will be run by Coach Koepp and Coach Escamilla


Home Conditioning Alternative:

Each of the following are AMRAP in 2 minutes:

Air squats



Hopefully we have your water intake figured out by now. Let’s move to the next piece of the puzzle – what are you eating? Did you know that your body completely rebuilds itself from what you eat every 7 years. Every single day cells die and are replaced. Every single day you’re rebuilding your body just a tiny bit. How does this relate to what you eat? Well, the “You are what you eat” saying is actually pretty true. Do you want a “Body by Big Texas and Coke”? Your body can be either a clunker or a performance muscle car – it can be an underpowered golf cart or a souped-up Mustang GT. It all depends on what fuel you put in.



One of the areas that we often neglect in stretching is important in our take-offs and landings. Players end up wearing stability braces when they play to keep their ankles in place, even. The hurt ankle is probably the second-most-often reported injury in volleyball (jammed fingers would be #1). We can do some things to prevent ankle injury even when we’re not wearing the braces. Here is a great stretch for ankles.


You can also adapt this mobility exercise by making cursive letters in the air with your toes.



On Thursday keep track of all the foods you eat during the day. Don’t worry about amount, we’re looking at quality. If you had a chip or two from your friend’s Baby Back Ribs chips bag, write it down.


Thought for Success:

This time it’s a video. Nike – No Excuses

-Coach Koepp.