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But not Wednesday.

No Volleyball conditioning on Wednesday – it’s an Early Release day and Coach Escamilla, Allen, and I have meetings.

Biggest Losers – if anyone wants to meet me, I’ll be downstairs working out after we’re released from the meetings.


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Hi all –

I’m sorry for canceling conditioning today. I got sick and needed to come home early. We’ll resume Volleyball conditioning on Monday, and weight room conditioning with On Ramp on Wednesday.

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Meeting downstairs at 4:00 for Day 2 of OnRamp.

Group Warm up: 3 laps of walk/run around the bball court in Aux gym, loosen up arms and legs

Teaching: Shoulder dislocates, deadlifts, push press
Areas targeted –  shoulder girdle, back, core, biceps, triceps
Types of movement – Pull, Push

WOD (Workout of the Day)

10! (That’s sets of 10 -9 – 8 – 7 – 6 – 5 – 4 – 3 – 2- 1)
Medicine ball Deadlift
Push Press with small bar

For time.

(I think I hear collective sigh of relief because there’s no running involved this time!)

Be there or be spherical!


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Wednesday’s first day of On Ramp rocked out! Great job, ladies! It all gets easier from here on out.

Props to Jordon, who was our fastest finisher. And Cindy, the sole brave soul showing all these young kids what it’s all about.

Coach on 2 for Lilly B. and Lindsey C.
Meet Coach Koepp after school in auxillary gym.

You need to do cardio today. Walk/run/swim/water aerobics/etc – whatever floats your own boat as long as you’re getting your heart rate up a bit. Shoot for 20 minutes at least.

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Alright. I have people saying that they WILL be here. So here we go!

Workout for Wednesday is at 4pm in the weight room.Here’s the agenda for EVERYONE.

On Ramp Day 1

Group Warm up: 3 laps of walk/run around the bball court in Aux gym, loosen up arms and legs

Teaching: Squats, Body Row, Pushup
Areas targeted – thighs (both quads and hamstrings), shoulder girdle, back, biceps, triceps
Types of movement – Push, Pull, Push

WOD (Workout of the Day)

200M run
Body Row
200M run

For time. We’ll record this. Then at the end of the 6 weeks, we’re doing this WOD again and see how much you’ve improved.

Come and get your hard work on!

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The idea (at least) of SpartanFit is growing. Today I had two more staff members ask what days we’re down in the weight room. The execution of the program isn’t really happening as rapidly as I would like. But hey, conference week is hectic for everyone and I’m good with that.

What I wanted to share with everyone (Volleyball and Biggest Loser alike) is the power of showing up. Whether you’re showing up here with us, showing up to practice in another sport or working at home, you have to show up. We all know some times it’s a pain to get in the mindset to work out. Then you have to get ready. And that’s all after you’ve carved time out of your busy schedule, right?

Are you worried about seeing results? (whether it’s better volleyball or better overall health) – I’m betting that’s why you’re doing this. Your goals are why you bother to show up. What’s interesting is that showing up is the biggest part of the battle. Once you’re there, you’ve completed the hardest part – you’ve started. Consistently showing up really works. It will get you 100% better results than not showing up.

What are things that drive you to show up?

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Hi everyone!

My players kind of have an idea of what to expect in the weight room, but that’s going to change… I really think that every single person who enters the weight room has the chance to meet his/her own goals, but sometimes we all need guidance. Ideally, I would work with each one of you individually to tailor a program to best meet your needs and interests. Unfortunately, unless you can meet the paycheck that the District sends me every month, I can’t devote that much time and attention to individual programs. What I can (and will) do is give everyone the best opportunity to work towards functional fitness. There are 10 aspects to this: Endurance (cardiovascular), Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed, Coordination, Agility, Balance, Accuracy. Without going deeply into each one, functional fitness makes you a jack-of-all-trades. It’s going to keep you healthy doing everyday things like lifting heavy stuff… and give you some supernatural abilities like being able to do pull ups. For my volleyball players, this means you’ll jump higher, hit harder, dig deeper and outlast your competition. For the Biggest Loser competitors, it means you lose fat, tone some muscle and get better at life. Everyone wins!

This all leads up to one thing – I have to get you to functional fitness. And the first step is learning the right moves. So for the next 12 weight room sessions (obviously the dates will vary for the groups… Vball doesn’t start back til next week), we will be doing sort of a Ramp up course.

What to expect from the typical session:
– Warm up
– Skill Review
– Skills Teaching/Practice
– Workout of the Day (WOD)
– Stretching/Cooldown

How should you dress:

– Clothes that are comfortable and looser-fitting. A good example would be T-shirt and athletic shorts or pants.
– Tennis Shoes/Running Shoes

What you should bring:

– Water bottle
– Personal towel (if you want)
– Ready to work attitude


Volleyball Workout for Wednesday –
Go run! (no, I’m not kidding). Run! –  1.5 miles


Biggest Loser Workout for Wednesday –
See you folks in the weight room at 4pm for our first Ramp Up Session.

-Coach Koepp.

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